Animated videoscribing

The videoscribing animation phenomenon has quickly become an impressive and clever way of engaging viewers and taking them on a journey through your story. As an example, RSA Animate videoclips on YouTube have been viewed millions of times each, and the fresh approach to communicating simple messages in a captivating way has never seemed more relevant.

Videoscribing is ideal for clients wanting to spread their story far and wide, offering an easy, viral medium for people to engage with.  

Watch the videoscibe below to check out a recent project we've done for a client.

Videoscribing is now readily available through Motive8, in two main ways:

  • As a standard service to clients upon completion of their Motive8 Big Picture project.  So now, rather than just relying on static pictures, posters, Powerpoint slides, etc, your Big Pictures can be brought to life showing the story unfolding in real-time, with accompanying narrative, to engage viewers on the journey.  
  • For clients who are just wanting a video-animation of their story or idea.  Stage One involves helping our client work out their script and the “chapters” of their story.  Stage Two is about developing imagery to convey these messages and build up a cohesive and engaging visual story.  Stage Three is creating the videoscribe animation, complete with narrative.

Videoscribe animations are really powerful and fun.  Contact us today to discuss how best we can produce one for you.