Motive8 for Executives - CEOs, CIOs, etc

Executives must articulate a cohesive vision – so as to inspire and empower others toachieve those growth and development goals.  

Motive8's visual thinking approach can empower Executives, individually and as a Team, to clarify the big issues.  We evolve a single compelling Big Picture that  enables Executives to tell a consistent story to show how it all fits together.  

Chief Executives who can clearly articulate their vision have the best chance of success.  Leadership is much easier when the story is clear, and delivered with passion and enthusiasm.  Motive8's visual thinking process extracts the vision and presents it in an engaging way, making it easy to explain to all audiences.

More help for CEOs:
  • Reporting to the Board, seeking inputs, discussions and decisions
  • Formulating future strategic objectives
  • Strengthening relationships with key stakeholders
  • Fostering team culture consistent with the organisation’s values

Chief Information Officers must clearly articulate IT's value proposition in terms of business outcomes, rather than tech speak.  CIOs face a whole new world where IT/ICT departments transform from technology-focused reactive order takers, into proactive business-outcomes oriented enablers. But, the challenge is getting the business excited and onboard with ISSPs and ICT Strategy documents.   Motive8's visual thinking process enables IT/ICT Execs and Leadership teams to clarify the ICT story (past, present, and future plans).  We bring business outcomes up front.  Our Big Pictures enable confident discussions and help CIOs explain why they deserve a seat at the board table.

Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers and General Managers  all benefit in similar ways from involving Motive8.

Big Ideas need Big Pictures.   Executives with Big Pictures gain more support, respect and action.

We've worked with many Executives and their teams in public and private sectors.  Check out some examples of our work here, and some of our testimonials here.