Motive8 for Communications Managers

Communications staff can have a tough time rolling out communications on new initiatives to inform and motivate staff at all levels. People are already loaded with information and busy with their jobs.  Adding another large "must-read" Our Strategy, Our Vision, or Our Transformation document or Powerpoint presentation to peoples' days, is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

Too often generic comms materials are full of corporate speak that sounds about right, but doesn't capture the hearts and minds of staff.

We can assist Comms Managers work with Senior Executives, extracting, clarifying and refining the messages to be communicated.  Our Big Pictures can provide a central and powerful tool that Executives can talk to while engaging various audiences.

Business transformations, new strategic priorities and other major projects will make so much more sense to staff when material includes a Big Picture, designed to get everyone on the same page.  Our work doesn't replace the traditional communications materials - it complements it and can become a central point of reference.

Many of our projects involve telling the organisation's story - past, present, and the journey to the future.  By reflecting the organisation's evolution, current characteristics, and the road ahead, we provide the context for individual projects and initiatives.

Other projects simply give a visual overview of an organisation's functions – “What we do, for whom, and why”.  Staff typically understand their own group's activities, but rarely grasp the full scope and impact of the whole organisation's work.  Our Big Pictures helps move siloed divisons into a more collaborative unified enterprise view.

A Big Picture overview makes new connections across an organisation very clear.  Some clients use our Big Pictures as Human Resources tools in staff inductions, to show new staff where they fit in, and explain future career paths.

We've worked with Comms Managers at many organisations including LINZ, NZ Transport Agency, EECA, Meridian Energy, and Inland Revenue.  Check examples of our work here, and some testimonials here.