Motive8 for Managers

In busy organisations, management roles are especially tricky when communicating with people who are already overloaded with information.  Nothing is isolated.  Everything impacts through connections and interactions within and between projects.  Itís all very complex and hard to grasp let alone explain.  But how everything fits together must be explained.

Motive8's Big Pictures help in many ways.  Our visual thinking process helps Managers take a step back and put everything in context.  The story for staff or other audiences becomes clear. Our "birdís eye view" of the project suddenly makes it easy to engage others and gain their support.

Our approach makes managing easier.  Group Managers will achieve greater team effectiveness and faster decision making.  Project Managers will achieve faster buy-in and implementation.  People Managers will achieve widespread engagement and stronger organisational culture.  Great outcomes will follow.

Our process enables Managers to make it very clear how everything fits together, for their own benefit, for their teams, and to communicate to senior levels.  Managers working in parallel with multiple cross-overs need an overview of the Big Picture to make everything easier to understand, for everyone.

We've worked with Managers at many organisations including Ministry of Education, NZ Transport Agency, ACC, Department of Conservation, Statistics NZ and Solid Energy.  Check examples of our work here, and some testimonials here.