Meetings & offsites

Huge resources are spent on team meetings, workshops and offsites. Adding the dynamic of graphic capture can stimulate fast-track issue clarification, idea generation, team-work, problem solving and decision-making.  As well as adding a buzz, graphic capture boosts engagement and efficiencies and adds to productivity after an event.

Are your offsites memorable for the right reasons?  Do you get high engagement, high value, high output?  At their best, offsites generate lots of great ideas.  But once people are back at their desks, doing their jobs as usual, the offsite ideas fade quickly away.  Meeting notes alone cannot capture non-linear conversations, emotions, humour and energy shared on the day.  Few participants ever review the meeting notes.  But graphic capture can record the ideas so they remain meaningful long after the event.

Motive8ís graphic capture creates a single page that visually reflects the magic generated on the day so it remains valuable to staff indefinitely.  Besides creating unity among  participants who came up with original great ideas, the graphic capture picture remains a valuable reflection of thoughts at the time of the offsite.  Adding the dynamic of graphic capture makes a huge difference to offsite outcomes.

Ken can be booked in for sessions, working alongside facilitators.  Alternatively, Rebecca can facilitate sessions to extract the desired output from attendees.  

Our clients include Hewlett-Packard, Ministry of Heath, Contact Energy, AOG Shared Services Group, Victoria Park Alliance, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and NZ Transport Agency.  Check out some of these projects here and our testimonials here.