The greatest leaders in history were  great communicators – able to engage, inspire and influence their people.  Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King were most memorable for what they had to say.  But few people know how to get their ideas across so vividly.  That’s where Motive8 comes in.

Our visual thinking process enables our clients to convey their ideas succinctly.

Communicating clearly is harder today than ever before, as people are overloaded with information and general “noise”.  Organisations are full of 100+ page documents, generic strategic plans, uninspiring vision statements, dull powerpoint presentations, standard Visio flow charts, and mass e-mails communications.  Watch how people’s eyes just glaze over if you ask them to read 50-page reports, 10,000-word plans or business cases, or sit through a 1hr narrated Powerpoint presentation crammed with words and bullets.  

Alternatively, show audiences an exciting visual tool that brings the topic to life with just the relevant points and you’ll achieve a whole new level of interest, engagement and retention.  Motive8 makes this happen.  We agree with the saying “If your audience doesn’t get it, it’s not their fault”.

Sometimes called “Rich Pictures”, “Picture on a Page” or “Infographics”, Motive8’s Big Pictures can make a huge impact.

We’re told by clients that of equal value to having the Big Picture as the final result, is our process of creating it from all the background noise.  We produce clarity around the big issues.  We uncover the story that needs to be told.  Unlike screeds of words, Motive8’s pictures cannot be ambiguous and every detail is there to convey part of the story.  We ask lots of questions and end up with a clear, concise, compelling story. Our clients love it.