Projects, processes & concepts

Who really understands complex flowcharts, process maps, and Visio diagrams as much as the person who created them?  Many people find it hard to articulate how a new process, idea or concept actually works step by step and as a whole.  Motive8ís simple visual depictions make it easy to communicate complexity.

Things tend to seem more complex than they need to be.  It's a great exercise to step back and consider the Big Picture - what are the main steps of the process, or the main aspects of a system, and how do things connect?   Motive8ís visual thinking process provides real clarity and enables complexity to be quickly explained and understood.

Most people are not great at whiteboarding to convey ideas:  their mass of scribbles causes confusion.  A Motive8 Big Picture makes everything so much simpler.  People talk about the process or concept as a whole, in parts, and the connections.  Whether you have an existing diagram/Visio or it's all in your head, we can help!

Our clients include ACC, Ministry of Education, NZ Transport Agency, Department of Conservation, Ministry for the Environment.  Check out some of the these projects here and some testimonials here.