Motive8ís services

Motive8ís visual thinking approach can be applied to any scenario or project.  The common aspect is the need for clarity and understanding.  Whether the target audience is at Executive, Board or Management Levels, or across divisions or teams, or right across an organisation, our priority is to uncover and clarify the story to be told.

Here are some examples from our hundreds of completed projects:

* An overview of an organisational transformation or Change Programme; a new vision; new strategic priorities, etc, and what it all means to the organisation.  This involves telling the organisationís story, often reflecting past milestones, present  characteristics, the catalyst for change, the journey ahead, and the future vision.
* An overview of an organisationís outputs Ė to explain the structure and scope of its divisions and functions and the interdependencies both internally and across the government sector.  This helps staff better understand the purpose and scale of their organisation and the role they play in achieving the organisationís strategic priorities.
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* A single page visual that summarises high-level documents and diagrams and communicates their key messages, significance and value.
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* A  clear explanation of ideas or concepts that are new or tricky to explain.
* A simple depiction of a seemingly complex process or system, showing how things work and inter-relate step by step.
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* A visual capture of the ideas and magic generated at a meeting or offsite, to maximise productivity during and after the event.
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We tailor our process to every client scenario. Typically this involves interviews to extract the main story and perspectives, workshop-style sessions to get agreement and confirm the overall story, meetings to review drafts and evolve the concept, and ongoing iterations based on inputs until everyone is happy.