Strategies, Reports & Plans

Significant time and effort go into preparing big documents explaining Business Cases, Strategies and Plans, and Consultants' Reports.  Yet unless the overall purpose, key messages and context are very clear and meaningful, these documents are unlikely to gain the desired buy-in and action.

100 page reports are rife across organisations.  Who reads them?  Their value will be lost unless it can be extracted and communicated very clearly.  A Motive8 Big Picture will make things happen.

Our Big Pictures provide an engaging overview of the key messages and help the originator to clearly explain the story.  Other documents remainvital, but audiences can grasp the key messages from a Big Picture without needing to wade through 100 pages of closely-typed words and graphs. The Big Picture becomes a visual reference, providing the context and structure for how it all fits together.

Our visual thinking process challenges the overall message and adds discipline.  Text-heavy documents contain thousands of messages.  But what is the overall story to be told?  When documents must be taken seriously, and their value fully realised, Motive8 Big Pictures make all the difference.

Our clients include:  NZ Transport Agency, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Health, ACC, Fonterra, Statistics NZ, Farmers Mutual Group, Meridian Energy and Contact Energy.  Check out some of these projects here and some testimonials here.