The Motive8ers

We‘re a small niche company – a dynamic team of two – combining strategic business analysis with compelling visualisation.

We work as a tag-team – Rebecca is the strategic facilitator, and Ken is the creative visualiser.  Ken‘s the “right brain”, Rebecca the “left brain” – together we create powerful, meaningful, logical and fun pictures that paint thousands of words.

Rebecca asks the questions that get people talking, clarifying the story and refining ideas until everyone is on the same page and the key messages clear.  Ken translates everything into visual imagery and metaphors which stimulate conversations further and onwards until the picture tells the necessary story and communicates everything it needs to.

Ken‘s visual communications and infographics focus began while working for Wellington‘s Evening Post newspaper, for which he won the Qantas Media Editorial Artist of the Year in 1999.  He then accepted a position at the Singapore Straits Times as an Executive Infographics Artist.  

Rebecca‘s first business training came through the consultancy Tecads where she helped industrial companies win competitive tenders.  For the next five years Rebecca worked in investment management for JP Morgan in New York, then Morgan Stanley in San Francisco.

The events of 9/11 proved the catalyst for us both to return to New Zealand.  We saw a great opportunity to combine our skills and offer New Zealand organisations a new way of clarifying and communicating their most important issues.

On the personal side, we‘re proud parents of Jackson (12), Jessica (8), Maya (1) who are constant sources of delight, inspiration and challenge!  As a company and family we sponsor the RNZFB Guide Dog Services, and have been 'puppy walking' for the Foundation for 14 years with many wonderful puppies coming through our home/office over the years, and travelling to client meetings (and napping under countless meeting tables).