Transformations & Overviews

With ongoing change, restructures, revised strategic priorities, new roadmaps and visions, it can be very hard for anyone to see how it all fits together.  Our single picture powerfully tell the overall story - the past, present, and future journey, to engage staff at all levels.

Organisational transformations can be huge - with big investment in money, time and effort. But the detail must not consume the project so that people lose sight of why it's all happening.

Our visual thinking process questions the catalyst for change, and clarifies how projects fit together.  The result is a picture, to be displayed for Executives, management and staff, and used as a basis for decision making and conversations.

It's exciting to see the impact Motive8's Big Transformation pictures can have on an organisation.  Our Big Pictures become part of the culture, and as transformations progress, they evolve too, being updated to reflect achievements, new initiatives, influences on the horizon and updated priorities.

Our clients include Inland Revenue, LINZ, Wellington City Council. Check out some of these projects here, and testimonials here.